Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mo Sabri - American Rapper

I just wanted to do a quick little post and give all of you an update on the my kinda like music. I just find out about this awesome guy, Mo Sabri, an American hip hop artist and i was super excited to share this with you guys. He is actually a rapper from Johnson City, Tennessee, US, which very well known with his best music videos on YouTube. The truth is i don't actually a fan of hip hop kind of music with rap and all, but his songs were really superb make i fell in love when my first time listening to his song. It's not really a full hip hop song that sometime kinda too much strong words in it, but his kinda hip hop song is something different, mashed up with some other soft music, but most importantly are the messages that he delivered in each of his song. The words, phrases and every line were so beautifully composed and i'm so touched about it. Well babe, you know, i'm not the music gurus so i don't really know how to describe this kind of music. You better check it out yourself, click Mo Sabri and subscribe, trust me you'll never regret this. Also join Mo Sabri emailing list, then you will be updated with his new music whenever it comes out, what can i say,hmmm.. vip fan??
Join me and do just like i do. 
Ahah..coz i'm so overjoy about this, here are some picture of Mo Sabri..

    hey you, yeah you, lovely girls, subscribe my music ok?? :)

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