Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mo Sabri - American Rapper

I just wanted to do a quick little post and give all of you an update on the my kinda like music. I just find out about this awesome guy, Mo Sabri, an American hip hop artist and i was super excited to share this with you guys. He is actually a rapper from Johnson City, Tennessee, US, which very well known with his best music videos on YouTube. The truth is i don't actually a fan of hip hop kind of music with rap and all, but his songs were really superb make i fell in love when my first time listening to his song. It's not really a full hip hop song that sometime kinda too much strong words in it, but his kinda hip hop song is something different, mashed up with some other soft music, but most importantly are the messages that he delivered in each of his song. The words, phrases and every line were so beautifully composed and i'm so touched about it. Well babe, you know, i'm not the music gurus so i don't really know how to describe this kind of music. You better check it out yourself, click Mo Sabri and subscribe, trust me you'll never regret this. Also join Mo Sabri emailing list, then you will be updated with his new music whenever it comes out, what can i say,hmmm.. vip fan??
Join me and do just like i do. 
Ahah..coz i'm so overjoy about this, here are some picture of Mo Sabri..

    hey you, yeah you, lovely girls, subscribe my music ok?? :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Spring Inspired Hijabis Style

Hi guys..weekend is coming again...HOORAY!!! and.. Happy weekend Fashionholics!! Its weekend, so its hangout time!! Looking forwards to dress up and hang out with your friends, BUT no idea what to wear. Here are some ideas by inspiring the floral and pink golden theme.
      I'm so fanatic with floral print and this Floral Long Dress is just super duper amazing and very feminine, absolutely  blend well with the spring season. Match this short sleeve dress with Pink Mini Blazer with zip and Pink n Gold polka dotted curry scarf, this is perfect enough to cover your awrah yet still look trendy. Be a brave style-lista with the new ultra high heels, the Sexy Gold pump pointed toe! To plain?? The Gold plated titanium ring and GUESS Gold tone Crystal Flower ladies watch are just too mainstream. Now, grab your MK Black n Gold handbag and you are ready to enjoy your weekend! Pink is cute and nice. Gold is completely elegant. Pink and Gold are perfectly stunning and feminine. 


Camouflage Inspired Hijabis Style

How to wear the army printed sweat shirt to make it super duper rocking fashionable?? After being a trend throughout the past few seasons, Camouflage printed shirts are still a fashionable style among the fashion lovers. Here are are some tips to look super amazing and trendy in a sweat shirt...
All black theme is just match with camouflage inspired style. Style the army printed sweat shirt with black pants/jeans and with a plain black scarf. Look different and more trendy in camouflage heel which probably shows that you are such a brave fashionista. A wrap bracelet and a Channel bracelet are just nice to be styled with and the Channel long chain bag is super amazing to bring with when going out somewhere. This is just a nice and simple hijab chic style!!

Camouflage Inspired Hijabis Style

The army printed dress is probably my favorite rocky fashion trend..After being a trend throughout the past few seasons, Camouflage dresses are still a fashionable style among the hijabers. Look a little bit different and trendy rocky chic with studded jacket and more fashionable with a tight pant. A simple black and white scarf is super amazing to wear along with white jacket and black pants. Just nice to style along with a roses ring and a simple silver bracelet to look more feminine and that super awesome long chain is more than enough to make you super gorgeous and fashionable hijabers.