Monday, 26 May 2014

Bad experience of changing skin care product

Assalamualaikum and hi buddies..

Just have some thought about my skin care product. Recently i had try one of the local skin care product, which is known as one of the product that actually made up of 100% natural substance. Since it use to be kinda popular here in Malaysia, i was attracted to try one of their product which is the face cleanser as i was actually looking for some of the natural product to be used as my skin care routine to replace my regular skin care product i used before.
The face cleanser is made up of pure rice milk which is a very popular source of health and healthy skin in the present. LOL..I'm not a skin care expertise of course, but i do read some natural tips of taking care the skin as to avoid use too many chemical based skin care product. 
But unfortunately for me, this soap cause breakout on my skin. Not just that, it also thinning my skin and i had noticed peeling of my skin, it just like someone was heating my skin, because i could feel the burning sensation. I don't know maybe the action of the rice milk itself or actually there are some thinning agent on their product, but sadly this happened to me.
This give me a very bad experience of changing skin care product. Now, I'm back to use my regular skin care product that i used before, which is NIVEA and gratefully my skin is better now, maybe not so flawless but it is better. I'm so in love with NIVEA product, maybe i should just loyal to NIVEA. :-) 
Thanks for reading and do share your skin care routine too. Bye2 and see you on the next entry.

P/S : I'm gonna try to make my own rice milk, maybe its okay for my skin instead.  

my NIVEA product. 

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